Monday, May 20, 2013


I have been far removed from my upstairs office these past weeks
enjoying(finally) warmer weather...
we went from 28-99 in two days
a very strange spring so far and what my sister M refers to as the
blow torch
we will have to hurry and use this mint in our mojitos before it burns up!  
Have you ever smelled burning spearmint? 
 It is very fragrant, we used to have a  mint farm outside of town

Nothing and I mean nothing better than a small town parade
where we don't shy away from God and country

Sibling Day 2013 just happened to fall on Heritage Days
which was great as it gave us all fun activities to do
"the sisters"

"the brothers"

"the children"
waiting on the parade

boy scout hamburgers on the courthouse lawn

a perfect day that just sort of lends itself to 
relaxing against a big old oak tree
waiting for the dance on the old brick streets of main street
after the sun goes down


The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

Hey Miss Gina G, where you been at? How lovely to see you spending some quality time with the siblings. You go ahead now an pour me a mojito for that mint go an dry up, ya hear!

stefanie said...

love small town parades!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the last photo pretty much says it all, a perfect day!

Marissa said...

Your mint looks nice and healthy. I have one that needs to be re-potted its too big.. looks like you had fun time with family... love memory making... have a blessed week.

Marina Pérez said...

Great day, Gina! And wonderful family! You are very lucky!


Nancy said...

Hope the blow torch calms down soon! Sibling day, how great! You always look like youre having fun Gina!
Have a great week.
xo Nancy

carolyn bradford said...

Seriously…I wish I lived in your town! This is amazing! It reminds me of Doc Hollywood with Michael J. Fox! Best movie ever!

Heather - New House New HOme said...

Looks like a perfect weekend, my friend. Our weekend has been busy too with family here on Sunday, gardening yesterday in the blistering heat (what's up with that? We had snow last weekend!).

Looks like a wonderful time - would love to hear more about "sibling day".

HolleyGarden said...

Looks perfect. Love small towns. I do have to say, the "blow torch" description of our weather is perfect.

Tina C said...

I love small town living- what a fun day! Dancing on old brick streets sounds like a perfect way to end a day like that. Hope you are safe up there in all that weather.

Minha vida de campo said...

Que belo encontro familiar. Isso é o melhor da vida estarmos com nosso parentes. Linda sua família.
Tenho visto tantos furacões em seu estado. Fiquei preocupada, espero que todos estejam bem.
Bjos e tenha uma ótima semana.