Tuesday, July 28, 2015


 Baby Brother Ross

gets his college diploma

are you like Ross?
life got in the way of reaching your goals?
ups and downs and ins and outs
life happenings that put things on hold that don't seem important when life is happening

and then

there is a time and a place
and suddenly and easily
the goal is met

and so like at every normal graduation there is a celebration
where you have 

a Choctaw mother, a Navajo drummer and a bossy big sister
to bring it all to the real side

your celebration includes
Indian fry bread, a prayer drumming and a monarch butterfly release

whisper a wish, release the butterfly and know
that quirkiness in a family

is worth celebrating!

yay Rossie....you are what it is all about today...my butterfly wish?

for all your dreams to come true!!!


Anonymous said...

congratulations to your handsome brother,, a wonderful celebration, that Choctaw mother is a beautiful woman, the bossy sister is beautiful as well, ;)
I had to replace myself on your followers list, I know now why your posts haven't come up,,

bj said...

awww, this is so sweet. It always does my heart good to see someone go for their dream.
Please give him an extra hug for moi.

helen tilston said...

How lovely to see all of you enjoying this very special event. Congratulations to your bother. You all look marvellously happy.


Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

Congratulations to your brother on his achievement. That's wonderful.

Leslie said...

Yay!! ..best of luck and congratulations to your brother. What an accomplishment and good for him:)

Somehow I just commented on a post that was written a long time ago;\ I'm not sure what happened! Enjoy your week Gina!

chateau chic said...

Congratulations to your brother!! I'm sure your family is very proud of him. Looks like a fun family celebration.
Mary Alice

designchic said...

How exciting, Gina. I'm thrilled for your brother!!

Algodão Tão Doce said...

As pessoas entram em nossa vida por acaso, mas não é por acaso que elas permanecem.
Obrigada querida pela presença amável!

Lindos dias de verão!

Beijos Marie.

Marina Pérez Bejarano said...

Great Gina, congratulations to your brother, Iwould like to know more about your family


Marina Pérez Bejarano said...

Great Gina, congratulations to your brother, Iwould like to know more about your family


StagerLinda said...

A big high-five to your brother! It is a grand accomplishment. I went back as an adult student and graduated at 38. It is so sweet to apply yourself and reach that goal when you make the sacrifice. Beautiful pictures!

Ivy and Elephants said...

What a beautiful celebration, I love the butterfly release!
Your mom is gorgeous! Congrats to your brother, I hope all his dreams come true as well.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GINA! How beautiful this is! First of all, you are Native American? HOW GORGEOUS IS THIS! And your brother, what an inspiration, and I know this first hand. I didn't go back to college until I was 34. Spend 17 years on my B.A., M.A. and two teaching licenses. I'm going into my 13th year of teaching. Where does the time go? Reaching. Your brother will not stop reaching, in fact, nobody should stop reaching for those butterflies....bless him. BLess YOU and your household! Thank you for stopping by! Anita

Brandi said...

Congratulations to your brother. Such a huge accomplishment. So proud of him for reaching his goal.

Anonymous said...

Finished my BS at 30, my MS at 40 and my PhD at 55 so why not go back to school. How old will you be when you DON'T graduate?