Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Since we moved in to 822
Mr. PV had a vision

I rather like the way this looks, where the gravel meets the green grass,

he had something else in mind all along

I have to admit these rock fences will be pretty cool with up and down lighting

so we made a fair trade
he gets his rock fences 

and he builds me a 
HUGE farm table

 lately I have been obsessed with 
bigger than Donald Trump HUGE farm tables

old porch posts from a house down the street
3 x 12 x 10 foot pine boards, some screws and 2 x 4

it's pretty amazing in all sincerity that Mr. PV and cute carpenter man
on a weekend
with a very small budget.....
can make it all happen

hoping the fence will have rock before October but I would never dream to ask


Karena Albert said...

Gina, I need a man like yours, a keeper for sure. That farm table is amazing!! Bravo to your husband!

The Arts by Karena
Featuring India Hicks!

Cindy Hattersley said...

I think the fence and table are going to be great additions!!

chateau chic said...

Your table is awesome...perfect for your very large outdoor area! It all is so beautiful!
Mary Alice

Artsy VaVa said...

That table is gorgeous!!!

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Your husbands vision for those stone wall divisions will look amazing, I am sure. My husband is working out details for a car port extending from our tiny shoe horned city garage - Yikes! But in return I get my dream powder room and John's willing to build my tiny dream powder room with a stone cylinder sink. You are fortunate to have Mr. PV that is able to build such an amazing farmhouse table. OBTW Gina did I mention totally amazing?! I think your home is spiritually blessed and the grounds and interior beyond gorgeous. Yes I am a fan of 822.
PS How are the bees?

Heather - New House New Home said...

Fair is fair with both these projects!! Love, love, love the table!!

Sarah said...

Gina, I'd say you have a win / win. Love the long farm table and the rock wall will be amazing. Lucky you that you have a husband both talented and industrious.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Looking good...love the new additions...I wish my hubby could do that!

bj said...

ahhh, a rock wall is going to be gorgeous...and that table...OMYGOSH...to die for.

Leslie said...

What a great table Gina and I like your husband's spirit:) He will make it happen!

Maureen Wyatt said...

Somehow I'm not seeing that you gave up so very much to get that awesome farm table. You did say you let him build a stone wall (which looks pretty darned cool to me) and, in return he gets to build you a table. You are an amazing negotiator!

designchic said...

What a great table…it's going to be amazing in your space!! Happy Wednesday ~

Vintage Girl 901 said...

Oh Wow! I would say you got a good deal! And I love the rock fence.

Burlap Luxe said...

Gina, my kind of table, infact I love the Block boarder wall and the pea gravel pathways, and that table is amazing, it a great addition to the yard, all the wonderful get together a that table will share with you years of happy gatherings.

Your yard have come along ways, and it is so beautiful.

Thank you dear for taking the time to visit me and all I inspire.

See you soon.
Tell that hubby of yours I want a table just like yours :)


Down On The Farm said...

Wowzers!!!! That table is STUNNING!!! I think I need one too lol!! Like you, I thought the gravel/grass looked fine before . . . but the stone walls are going to be gorgeous! Can't wait to see MORE PICTURES hint hint!!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

The table he built is beautiful! You will have so many wonderful meals there.
I've wanted my spouse to build one too ever since I saw one in RH for too much.

Nancy Powell said...

Hey Gina- great to see what you are up to and looks like you've had an amazing summer! You really have a super talented hubby and I love those walls- and that table! I adore your home. Happy fall! Xo Nancy

handmade by amalia said...

You can't argue with a man with a vision. And what a great table you got out of the deal!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Wow, that's amazing! I'll be right over. <3