Tuesday, October 20, 2015


The wedding took place at a historic antebellum mansion in Dallas

with a string quartet

and lovely flowers with greenery from the yard of her parent's home

her sisters stood with her
their vows were written by each of them

but the most amazing thing came by way of something unexpected
~the toast of the best man~

*my sister told me that Adam was very regimented and he had a to-do list that was very specific
We are supposed to eat the gourmet cupcakes at 8:05 PM.  And he means 8:05.

The best man said this at 9:15

I have known Adam for over 10 years and now Mary almost that long.
Adam is a man of habit.  
He is a man of good habits.  He does good things and he does things right. 
And then I met Mary, and she fit in so well with him because she is also a person of good habits.
But this couple is special, because together, they have created a life in which they will do good things and do good things together.  
Their habits have made a lasting impression on me.  
Their marriage will be one that is an example to all of us sitting here right now...
they have made a habit of kindness for each other
They have made it a habit 
to love

when I told my sister in law the toast her response was this

It's just not that hard 
I think this new generation is going to change the course of marriage in our country

I happen to agree


Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Pretty pictures and a meaningful message. I too think the youth will change marriage as we know it and good habits are excellent to uphold and respect ... But I feel it also necessary to share the same moral values. Blessings and congratulations to the Bride and Groom.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I love this post, Gina...and your SIL is right! It's not hard to be a person of good habits. I love that phrase...it needs to be on a pillow!
xoxo, T.

Karena Albert said...

Gina this is such a thoughtful and inspiring post. Thank you we all need this kind of aspiration!

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At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Beautiful couple and beautiful sentiment. I agree the new generations are our hope for the future. I wish the "older" candidates for President would step aside for the younger ones. And, I'm 66, so by older I mean anyone my age or older. It's time for the younger generations to step in and us old folks to give up the reins.

Heather - New House New Home said...

It looks like a beautiful day for two people who were meant for each other.

NanaDiana said...

GREAT toast. I hope you are right-the divorce rate right now is at an all time high and climbing every year. I hope this generation can turn it around and bring some stability and longevity to marriage. For the past few years it has been "for better or worse or until something even better comes along".
Beautiful venue and the flowers are gorgeous as are the bride and groom....so cute together. xo Diana

Down On The Farm said...

I agree with Nana Diana!! Time for folks to remember that COMMITMENT is an action word. You have to be committed, even when it's hard, even when it's not fun. I've been married 30 years and its not because either one of us is perfect or because its all been a bed of roses. It's because 30 years ago we said for better or for worse PERIOD. And we meant it. Congrats to the happy couple and prayers for many many years of happiness!!!

Brandi said...

Such a beautiful couple! Your niece looks lovely in her gown. The toast from the best man was so special. Thank you for sharing part of their day.

Sarah said...

Such a thoughtful message! Congratulations to this darling couple.

handmade by amalia said...

What a lovely post, Gina, and so inspiring. Adding my congratulations.

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

Congratulations to this special couple! The best man's toast made me smile.

bj said...

What a beautiful setting for a wedding...they are so cute together.
Many happy blessings to them....

Geneva H said...

What a beautiful wedding ... what a beautiful couple. I LOVED the toast...it spoke volumes. Thank you for sharing such an intimate moment with us.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

It looks like it was a beautiful wedding and the toast was very sweet and from the heart..

Burlap Luxe said...

Congrats to the bride and groom, and I am looking forward to hearing an update on their one year anniversary following up on their good habits.
Marriage in the youth has such a moral decline now a days, married one day, divorced the next day, it's refreshing to see a strong commitment in the young and perhaps it will be a testimony to the up and coming youth to follow in these footsteps.
Beautiful home, beautiful wedding, beautiful couple :)

I love weddings, and can't wait to plan one someday for my daughter.

See you soon dear, thank you dearly for your beautiful visit and comment that joyed my weekend.


Marissa said...

She is a gorgeous bride bless them both!!
Xo Marissa