Thursday, July 1, 2010


Oh my…I wasn’t ready for technology to come knocking in my noggin.

I barely wear shoes and I don’t want to carry a cell phone in my ear either…hippie, hobo, technology rebel.

But…when the Droids went on sale and we got 1 free with a purchase of 1, I agreed to take the free one and try it.


Over 85,000 applications. I need

All I want is to be able to answer it without a major orchestration and avoid my mother’s calls ON OCCASION.

Don’t want to text, don’t want to get texted, don’t want Bach on my ring back…

It might be great to explore if I had some long hours driving to the mountains, but I’d rather look out the window. Or sitting in the airport for a 3 hour delay..but I’d rather read or watch nuts fiddle with their phones.

So…until sometime in the next few months, or even year…don’t call me…I avoid my Droid.

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