Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This is a story of a pecan tree.
There once was a pecan tree planted by a squirrel.
The pecan tree grew very very tall and beautiful.
Gardener sprayed weeds with roundup, which drifted to the pecan tree killing half of it.
Gardener’s wife thought it was ugly and wanted him to cut out the dead.
Gardner was offended and cut it almost all the way down leaving a 5 foot stump.
Gardener’s wife thought this was even uglier.
Gardner got mad and cut the tree down to the ground.
Gardener’s wife got mad at gardener for being unreasonable.
Time goes by.
The potentially beautiful pecan tree is gone.
Time goes by.
Flowers are watered and watered and watered.
Something amazing happens.
Roots underground are growing with no knowledge to gardener and his wife.
Spring arrives.
From the base of the dead stump many live healthy beautiful new vibrant shoots grow from written off pecan tree.
The tree has been alive all this time…waiting to grow..to thrive…to come back.
It’s back.
There are many lessons in this story. You choose the one you want for you.

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