Friday, October 5, 2012


In our part of the world it's not uncommon to see a truck, with a horse trailer, with a horse in it, and maybe a cow or two, pulled up to the local cafe for lunch....

Let me introduce you to one of those kind of guys...

Joe T

He and his family are living on a ranch that has been in their family for over 100 Years
He is a cowboy, a Texan, a foodie and a cattle man through and through
raising hormone free beef and selling it across America

The best part about him?
My bff, his wife
She is one classy lady and my idol!

We travel with them quite a bit
Santa Fe, Charleston, Las Vegas, Hawaii, the Kentucky Derby
and can you imagine when we had planned a trip to Martha's Vineyard how excited we were?

B is always the travel planner, his Type A personality allows him to be very good at that

B to me:  I'm kind of curious why all the hotels are so booked
Me:  wonder if there's something special going on?
B:  I'll do some checking


now, we all know that Linda, and me and B can live with this little secret
but the big
do we tell Joe T before we get there or after
He really really might not go and we have planes and hotels and all kinds of plans eat at the Lobster Pot guessed it, in all fairness
yes, we told him before and yes he went anyway

and in talking to one of the locals, all kinds of  people like to cross dress

hey...I do it every day of my life
and they, like me, want you to tell them how pretty they look

This year's Fantasia Fair is October 14-21

Fantasia Fair is unique amongst transgender events as it takes place in beautiful Provincetown - a wonderfully accepting community where anyone can mingle in the streets in friendship, safety, and acceptance. Yes, you really are welcome and free in all of Provincetown, and, yes, you will make friends at Fantasia Fair that you will keep forever

These feet are 
Joe T's
or mine

and in the unforgettable words of my friend Linda

I can't wait to go back!


It's All Connected said...

Well, that trip got a heck of a lot more interesting! What style of heels did your guy wear? lol ~ Maureen

Nancy said...

sounds like a ball! I like your travels and your stories! Have a great weekend.
xo Nancy

Silvia C said...

Sounds like my kind of trip! How interesting! And how nice it is to have friends you can travel and have fun with. Lovely post. Have a great weekend!

heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

I bet it was a lot of fun seeing all the strange get-ups!!

Stacy Curran said...

That's so great to be able to travel with good friends :)