Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I'm kind of reminding myself of my mother washing my pe clothes on Monday at 6 A.M....being the last one of the bloggers to decorate for fall...me...the last Mohican...the late pumpkin bloomer.

I admit...my priorities have been compromised and to tell you the truth I didn't have half a clue where all my autumn bag of goodies was...and to tell you another truth...my stuff is O.L.D.

Maybe one more year and then...out with the old...as they say

So...here goes...autumn and/or Halloween at 822

cute little silver pumpkin peeking out of the ivy

Don't forget the whimsy for baby bo peep

In the garden window...Life IS a garden you know!

I have even taken this couple on vacation to be at the holiday table where we were..they are very old and probably my favorite

I love love prayer candles...I must have 25...all over my house
safe and long lasting to illuminate everything

at the baking station..that I never bake at

might as well have fake pumpkins and nuts
and a wasp nest

a gift from a dear friend!

I have had these 

ok...we have turkey vultures like crazy here...this mister is a new addition
he lights up at night and cracks me up
every time I come in from carrying groceries...he gives me a start!
I have to cover my eyes and it makes me drop my apples.

I love love love the window boxes back east

I mix in pumpkins with old summer flowers..this is mint and those yellow things I can't think of the name of

random pumpkins in the yard

the zinnias are hanging on...I can't bear to pull them up just yet
so many bees and butterflies

On Grace's birthday Betty and I made her a marigold lei 
I had some extra

B always wants to mow the grass..but I love it looking like a meadow
those are red bud trees
check out that vulture peeking out!

random pumpkins on all the porches

vibrant autumn
love love love
" best of all...she loved the fall"

whew dang!

and if this doesn't scare you half to pieces

this might...all this stuff has to be put in it's place for the 
October 20
I'm thinking...
big white sheet
as in big white ghost!


Stacy Curran said...

I promise you, you are not the last blogger to decorate for fall! i haven't even thought about it. Yours looks awesome!!

StagerLinda said...

That Turkey Vulture is the best! I haven't decorated for fall yet. You have SO MANY decoration--very impressive! Good Job!

It's All Connected said...

If you did all that in one day, you sure work fast and don't need to worry about starting late! Love the pilgrims! If you like uncut grass, you'll be quite at home here. ~ Maureen

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Move over, Martha! You go, Gina! And show us more of your house. Is it done? (Did I not read that post?) BTW, if you still have that dead squirrel you can bring it out for Halloween :)

Carolyn@Sweet Chaos said...

Wait... there's another straggling Mohican behind you. I haven't put anything out yet, and to be honest, I'm still not motivated. Maybe tomorrow... :)

Anonymous said...

you are far from the last to decorate for Fall, but you have done a beautiful job, my fav is the turkey vulture, how cool is that,

I want to thank you for the lovely owl, i told you that your friendship was all the gift I needed, you really are a sweetie, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, it was a lovely surprise, I will treasure it always,

Leslie said...

Love the pumpkins all over your property and your interior looks so warm and cozy!!

Geneva said...

I'm still decorating ... and I'm usually so done by now! Your magic touch makes everything look great!!! Good Job!

heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

Still putting the finishing touches on my fall decor AND IT'S CANADIAN THANKSGIVING this weekend. Love what you've done - and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the vulture!!!!

Silvia C said...

Hello, it's my first visit to your blog (your new follower). Lovely decorations. I haven´t even done mine yet...maybe this weekend. You have a beautiful home! Very nice to meet you.

Nancy said...

I am crazy about the architecture in your spectacular home. Your curb appeal is amazing, with such lush green grass and flowers. I love your plantings ( and your vulture). You all have such great taste. Have a wonderful day!
xo Nancy

Annmarie Pipa said...

your place looks great!
I love the fall decorations...I love decorating for fall!!

The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

Such a lovely house with a pretty front garden. Love the old vulch and those gorgeous little terracotta pumpkins.