Monday, March 17, 2014


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A Wardian Case
The Wardian Case was an early type of sealed protective container for plants, an early version of the terrarium. It found great use in the 19th century in protecting foreign plants imported to Europe from overseas, the great majority of which had previously died from exposure during long sea journeys, frustrating the many scientific and amateur botanists of the time. The Wardian case was the direct forerunner of the modern terrarium (and the inspiration for the glass aquarium), and was invented by Dr. Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward (1791–1868), of London, in about 1829 after an accidental discovery inspired him.

On our trip to the city we had such a great time browsing all the fun shops on
did you know that just outside of Amarillo is a town called 
Adrian that is the halfway point on the famous Rt. 66?
1147 miles each way between Chicago and L.A. 
 The Midpoint Cafe has the most delicious ugly crust pies...
(we didn't go there but I just wanted to tell you about it)

no...we were on a buy some cool stuff and have a delicious Golden Light Burger and ice cold beer lunch...and as often happens with me when I'm on a mission...I got distracted and made a purchase that I had not intended but I guess you could say the luck of the Irish was upon us!

At the Maryland House Antiques they did not have a brass bar cart but they did have
several book sets and just in from an estate sale....
this most lovely thing that would have haunted me forever if I had walked away from it
---I even learned a thing or two about it and wanted to share that with you

below are examples of Wardian Cases via google

this is a vintage glass aquarium via pinterest

I'm not sure how you feel about Martha Stewart but the above link is a "how to"

and ours!

it is very rough and has a tiny crack in the glass on one side

I won't do the rock, the charcoal and the soil because I will change/move it too much
but when you do this it creates its own little rain forest

I'm no expert so I don't know if this is old or not..but it is certainly very used!
I love the patina!

Martha's friend and Dr. Ward suggest a specimen plant
my 4 year old poinsettia that I rescued from the grocery store has grown too big!

so I decided to put in some orchids and ferns in blue vases
I will change this and move it no telling how many times

I also added a blue Madonna chalk ware statue

If I were her I'd like to live here

this is how it is for today

are you wondering if we bought what we went to buy?
yes...we did...but that will be for another day!


Revi said...

Very cool. Hannah and I went down 6th until everything began to look the know - the saturation point. We did see some wooden carts, and some rustic, mid-century ones, but no sweet, simple brass ones. Oh, well, it IS fun looking! We didn't go to Maryland House...we'll have to do that one next time.

Purple Flowers said...

I never knew what they were called, but I always liked them. Each one is unique and I think very pretty. I like how you personalized yours. This is a great post on a nice topic.

Fashion-isha said...

So pretty!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh GINA! This is a perfect buy! YES! I just know you are going to enjoy this and your visitors/family will really take pleasure in how you will decorate it. I have one, not antique, and it's been sitting in the garage in fact. I just may pull it out and try to paint it to see if I can salvage it. Thank you for the idea, AND thank you also for coming to visit my obscure corner of this huge world. You are just a sweet friend! LOVE, Anita

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Wow these are so amazing and unique. I've never seen anything like them!!

Algodão Tão Doce said...

A grandeza dos amigos são como as flores raras: sua magnitude fica para sempre.(Cristina Beloni)
Lindas inspirações, amei!
Um lindo e abençoado dia!!!
Beijos Marie.

StagerLinda said...

There is something spiritual about it. It is one of those pieces you have to have and know you will adore for many, many years. One of those pieces you spend too much time considering options of items to put in it. One of those pieces that will make you smile every time you pass by it. Thanks for sharing, Gina.

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

I have always admired them, but never knew their correct name. I agree with you - the patina is wonderful. You will have so much fun figuring out different plants and seasonal arrangements for it.
Seems like serendipity smiled on you and hey you will eventually find the most stunning brass bar cart.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Oh, how beautiful Gina. I'd live inside it, too. ;)

Marissa said...

So beautiful Gina!
I love how our blessed mother looks inside it.
This gives me an idea.
Thanks for sharing.

Mr Paul said...

Now I want a Wardian case!
But what did you go to buy in the first place? A kitten, a pony or something sparkly!