Tuesday, December 9, 2014


When we were making decisions on connecting the garage apartment to the old part of the house,
it became apparent that we didn't want just a "hallway" and since it was going to be such small space
we decided to go UP for some drama!

We knew Mr. PV should have his office...but what besides that?

Several years ago we owned a building on Main Street that we bought at an estate auction
...we just used a limited amount of renovation money and turned it into an art gallery...
who doesn't want to have an art gallery?
and this is where, over the course of several years, I taught art lessons for elementary kids on Tuesday and Thursday after school

one day Mr.PV was wearing his bank hat, called me and told me we had been offered a good price to sell it,
and so we did

you can see the floor joists that will allow us to add a third story here someday

this made a perfect space for me to begin art classes again...just smaller ones

we will eventually add more of these wonderful windows as time goes on
but just a few here and there make a huge statement at 822

also, in our part of the country we really have to consider hail damage
I say we live in the New Roof Capital of the USA
hail-high winds-insurance- make this world go round!

we created an outside entrance for the art kids to enter

I've had several people tell me they heard this was a shower
man...I wish I'd thought of that!

nope...it's just an interesting detail that stretched the minds and souls of the frame crew

it's not a very good time of year to capture the view to the yard from the loft/atrium
but these are the windows...more like a ski lodge...but we just weren't sure what else to do?
except what we always do...and that's put in some glass!

this is the lovely view in the summer

the inside of the turret changes, I dare to say daily...but it changes a lot!

Are you ready for today?


art. art. art.

  • just went with the flow as the ideas came as we were building.   It's hard to imagine for some there was no architect and most of the things we did in this area just happened as ideas hit us...this is where I am so grateful to the wonderful artsy blogs I read! So much creativity there
  • painted it a sunny yellow
  • purchased 4 diamond beveled windows...the others are just our regular double glass
  • used colorful 4x4 Moroccan tile for the stairs purchased on eBay
  • cute carpenter guy gathered and cut sucker rod from local water wells to build the custom stair rail...he can just about do anything...make that... he can do anything!
  • put a varathane coat on the concrete floor

~Biggest Challenge~
putting the old copper weather vane my sister gave me on the turret....when that happened,
I shouted..out loud...YAY!!!!

~Favorite Thing~
This is hard to say....there's so much to love...the color, the light, the view... so if I were to have to sum it up I would just say that this space up here is full of


we light it all up each Christmas season

and no matter how many lights there are...the loveliness can never match
what the Master gifts us in nature
the colors of the night time sky filled with stars
are just breathtaking


Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

So you, Gina...I love how you made this home your own. :)

NanaDiana said...

Absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, Gina. WOW! What a magnificent place. One day several years ago my husband walked across the street to help a neighbor figure out how they could add on to their house. He brought them to our house and they bought it on the spot for way more than the market would bear. I was SOOOO mad! I thought we would be there forever. $$$$$$$$$$ got in my hubby's eyes! xo Diana

Heather - New House New Home said...

Your imagination and vision are unrivalled, my friend. Such an inspiring place!!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Gina, I could write a book about your house. I would write a book that would send the reader to another land. You house is never, ever ending! That turret makes my heart sing, and you have done such an excellent job here. MORE MORE MORE! Anita

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

Gina, I love all the creative touches in your home! Very unique and it must make you smile every day.

Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

Oh my goodness, that architecture is perfection. I love the glass windows and the turret and so happy you have an art space again! Love all you do Gina. A very merry christmas to you friend! xo Nancy

chateau chic said...

Your loft is fabulous. The staircase is gorgeous!
What a wonderful place for an art studio and classes.
Mary Alice

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Gina I am in awe of your art loft. The stairs, the turret, everything is amazing. What a beautiful creative space and I bet the kids love having classes here.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

FABULOUS twice upon a time!

Dearest Gina, thank you kindly for visiting me! Everyone is super busy, but what a sweet gesture to visit and leave a message. THANK YOU! And I want to see a photo of you hanging out one of the windows in that turret, ya know, like Rapunzel? teeee


bj said...

MERCY, WOMAN....you keep bringing me to my knees on this amazing house.
This post today is so awesome.....WOW

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Gina, if I were anyone to visit I would never want to leave. I could move in and add my twist to it in a minute a love every inch of your home. The lights wrapped around the turret is so charming.
I just know that climbing that staircase with every rung tiled with the beauty you designed adds all the right kind of rightness your home needed. What a studio to create in, as well as gallery your collected and personal art.

Thank you for visiting my French production in the theatre arts :)
Will see you soon my sweet friend.