Friday, December 5, 2014


After we had made the final decision to use the garage apartment for our master, 
there came the dilemma of how to get from there to the coffee pot in the kitchen...
and don't think it didn't cross our minds to keep it separated from the house...

this 1200ish square foot space was about to become a nightmare or at least a bad dream!
our current zoning requirements did not allow new construction within 15 feet of the curb and gutter
luckily, the old grandfathered concrete driveway saved us here, 
---after several city council meetings
we were finally given the ok to
connect the structures--
the red tape just about drove me crazy

this pier and beam shows the garage apartment being connected to the house

it is going to be a contemporary style that did create a bit of an issue to add to an old stone home

It's amazing to me that during a long...long reno
the parts you have completed can look so pretty against the parts that are yet to be
aka...that gorgeous grass! Please don't trample my grass mister!!

here you see the atrium, library, art loft and yes...the 3rd floor... (to be completed later--
like in 2020!)  This part of the reno was just a whirl because it was all happening very quickly with crews coming in to do their part and moving on

due to the fact that the turret would be too far into the space where it wasn't allowed,
we elected to build a tower just on the 2nd story in the art loft, rather than do away with the tower plans all together...I still wish so badly that we'd just asked the city council for a variance so the library below could have this cool space too...I have to say I'm proud of the mister...he serves on the city council and didn't want the public to ever say he got special treatment

this was one grouchy crew until I started feeding them my famous sticky buns
they told me two times "they'd never done something like this before"

Tangled was a very popular movie at this time and we played in this space often
I played Romeo and Juliet...Betty played Repunzel!

 during this time we were also putting in the pool
so a bit of turf war was taking place

the pool crew liked ice cold watermelon
and I was at their command too!

this man was my absolute favorite..not much English, but talented beyond belief along with the most incredible work ethic...he should have been the foreman but his language barrier won't allow that---he's thinking about how to make this addition look like it's always been here!  Unless he's thinking about 5 PM...yabba dabba do!
(we also moved all 4 heat/air units to another place...heat and air and electric crew could not be wooed although I did try)

a real challenge was to match the luder stone
it is a pretty close match but will obviously look better after it has endured our harsh elements for a few "weather" in

 I am not kidding when I say I have man arms...just to be 
"doing something"...I moved these piles of rocks at least 3 times
the old peony cages came in handy!
We have used every single stone..much of the left-over is in our herb garden

I also appreciated how everyone worked around the trees...the grass will come later in the summer
here we buried the electrical lines because the pool contractor
 refused to put in a pool under a live line
I'm so glad he stood firm on this

Mr. PV and his dad spent the summer building his shelves

here we are shellacking the shelves
and I must say...I simply cannot tell the difference between this and regular paint
the process was lengthy and expensive and I would not do it again
but then again...I didn't do it the first time...but I had sympathy for those who did

Are you ready for today?

with the dark shelves, dark carpet and no windows
please excuse the photos...
as a matter of fact...all of my photos could use some excusing

the doors on the bottom sections are not quite built yet
and we will coffer the ceiling after the holidays

Mr. PV loves estate auctions and trade days

he has more collections that anyone I know
but his space is incredible and so interesting...every single thing has a story

I have been on the lookout for a vintage bar cart for months and months but was unable to find one less than $300 PLUS shipping
UNTIL...I went garage sale hopping in Lubbock with my bo peep and found this one for
$ pays to be patient!  Now I'm on the lookout for some very cool vintage highball glasses
the bourbon never quite makes it from the den/bar to here..but Christmas is just around the corner!

and we are still waiting for the perfect vintage desk chair to pop into our lives
one from our old highschool or abstract office would work nicely

when he was in Africa, he traded his toiletries to the village kids 
for that giraffe and other carved animals

Spearman old brewery in Florida

we found his library table on 6th Street in Amarillo

Mr. PV is a we have lots of scales

prime American deodrant=prime carved animals

when putting in the sprinkler system we uncovered this rusty old toy tractor

I guess I would have to say it would be to create a masculine space to store all those collections

  • totally added this space in new construction
  • built custom shelves
  • shellacked Noir
  • other walls are Memoir
  • struggled over who gets to put what stuff where in the shelves...he wins...hard for me not to tweak!

~Biggest Challenge~
shellac shellac shellac

~Favorite Thing~
Father Son Shelves

ps...Mr. Cleaners?  We get that Mr. PV has a professional side,
but he's uptight enough without all that starch!


Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Oh Gina you always leave me spell bound by your beautiful house transformations. Love your home and love the stories you share.

Heather - New House New Home said...

I honestly don't know how you made it through all those renovations....but the time, expense and stress must have been worth it to create such a gorgeous space. You have vision, my friend!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Gina, I am so late. HOWEVER, I am intrigued yet once again about this HOUSE THAT NEVER hooked me with the library AND the turret. MORE MORE MORE please on this turret?Last Christmas, we went back "home" to Los Angeles where we went walking in our old neighborhood. There is a lovely home with such a turret and the owner happened to be outside that morning and invited us in to see the house. Turns out Richard Nixon lived there as a young man while attending Whittier Law School just down the hill from this house. We entered into the turret where the ROOF of the turret turns; it was constructed in 1920 and the turret was once an observatory, to watch the stars.

Your house is fabulous. More pictures please, on that turret? Anita

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I think I loved the turret as much as Betty!

Karena Albert said...

YOu have an excellent marriage to love through a remodel like this Gina!! Your husband has his own space now which is always a good thing and you can look forward to spending time poolside!

All the Best
The Arts by Karena

Minha vida de campo said...

interessante o modo de construir. Gostei. Aqui temos problemas para construir não existe mão de obra especializada.Ficou linda a casa. Passo pelo mesmo problema na hora de armazenar objetos, sempre falta lugar.
Bjos tenha num ótimo dia.

Fashion-isha said...

Thanks for visiting! I love watching the construction. Have a great night!