Monday, May 18, 2015


I am so excited to share with you our latest art acquisition!

It's such a great story!

In our county, there is a little town called

the 2nd grade class of 8 displayed their artwork in April
at the Hansford County Library
I so admire a teacher who knows how important art is

to the right side of the brain!

to the parents of the children who will cherish their sweet creativity forever

and to the communities who love to support the kiddos in all endeavors
especially ART!

I went to do a story on the art for the HPO
and was particularly drawn to this row of still life--
it was placed below a larger than life oil painting of the 
Battle of Adobe  Walls
Hansford County Artist Gwynfred Lackey

I fell in love with the colors, and everything else about everyone of them!
so I contacted Mr. Hargis...the superintendent, to see if they were available for purchase

(side smiley note to Mr. Hargis...his older sister Charla used to baby sit me and then when I was older I babysat Mr. Hargis....I love to call him Mr. Hargis!)

He forwarded my email to Mr. Beck, who I did not baby sit but could have,
and he told us his class was interested to make him them an offer...

we did

 Mr. Beck said his class was 

but the story gets even more wonderful

their beloved Miss VeAnn's cancer has returned
so the pink firetruck came to Morse and surprised her at the spring concert
her older son Reese, whom she had not seen in a while, hopped out of the firetruck and removed his cowboy hat to show he had cut his hair for Locks of Love to be donated in his mother's honor
(are those tearful freckled faces not such a blessing???)

all the money raised went to help this sweet family
including the money the 2nd grade class made on selling their artwork
me and Mr. PV

I cannot begin to express how much this story has touched us

it has touched us in a way that we will forever share

gosh I love America

and small town life!



Anonymous said...

such a beautiful story, I am so glad you shared this with us today and the art is amazing, so much talent!
People underestimate the power of art, they truly do, it has a mighty power!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Such a beautiful story, and it is a nice series of little paintings. xoxo Su

Marissa said...

Oh what a great story... I love the art looks really nice on your wall.
Xo Marissa

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

This artful post resonates in my heart. Lovely, precious and innocent art that is absolutely gorgeous.

Amber ~ The French Pressed Home said...

You, my friend, are a beautiful soul. The lives you touched by one kind gesture. I think you are an angel among us. xo

Marina Pérez Bejarano said...

Great story Gina


Nancy Powell said...

Thank you for sharing this sweet story. We share a love of art and I agree I would have bought all those still life's, too! They look great in your beautiful home Gina. Prayers to that wonderful family who needs extra godly intervention! Xoxxx Nancy

Heather - New House New Home said...

How wonderful that your purchase helped so many!! And what a great addition to that wall!!

bj said...

Gosh...I love YOU !

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

The art looks like it was meant for your wall! And each time you look at it, you will remember how your purchase helped others!

Cindy Hattersley said...

What a touching story and what wonderful art those children have created! We are such an "art handicapped" family!

Laura said...

This is wonderful and best of all everything you described is connected.

Is there anything better than small town life in Texas?

Have a wonderful week my friend.

designchic said...

That was such a beautiful story and the art looks perfect!! Happy Wednesday!

Kim said...

Love this story and the art. Exactly what I constantly preach ... buy things with meaning!! And boy are you the perfect example!!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

this is a beautiful story and highlights the American spirit. Hope all goes well for the family and may God bless them.

Algodão Tão Doce said...

A gratidão é a memória do coração!
Obrigada querida, pela sua amizade carinhosa, fico feliz
em saber que em algum lugar desse mundo você existe, e
agradeço a Deus pela sua atenção sempre presente e amável!
Um grande abraço, Marie.