Tuesday, May 26, 2015


This first time I met Lucy Pittman
our town was having a backyard garden tour and in my job
I was in charge of it.

I went to meet her and see her garden
she was wearing an old straw hat and some denim coveralls

as she walked up to meet me
I noticed she had a butterfly on her pant leg

and I knew right then
I wanted to be just like her

In many ways
I already was 

if you would have told me in 1975 that my greatest accomplishment in life
would be to lure wild bees to my backyard 
and carry a 4.0 in an online herb class...
I would have probably said
"hmmmm....I can see that"

what I didn't see coming, 
was Mr. PV-- and I imagine he would agree

here he is on his Sunday grinding 90 year old rock in the shape of 
our brass wildlife habitat sign

he wanted it to be just right like it had been there all these years

and then he went to grab the camera to prove why we deserve to have this sign on our property

a pair of owls watch from above...we are hoping they are a new couple--
they are happy we hope that

the old catawaba tree has come back to life, 

but the dead parts house a nest of fledglings

I saw a blue bird day before yesterday, but someone beat him home!
The early bird gets the nest, so they say!

come on hummingbirds...we're ready for you!

Mr. PV...I thank you for catching me a butterfly 
to wear it on my finger for a moment

before I put it in the butterfly house

Just living is not enough 
said the butterfly
one must have sunshine
and a little flower
Hans Christian Anderson


Karena Albert said...

Gina, your much deserved plaque is wonderful and your husband installed it beautifully!! I love seeing your owls and that butterfly on you hand, gorgeous!!

The Arts by Karena
Coco Chanel: Three Weeks

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Your plaque is installed with TLC to best show it off with pride, does look like it was there for many years. Your hubby did good!!!
We do not have Catawaba trees up here, what color will your flowers be? I would love to just sit in the quiet outside your mangnicent home and take in the beauty of nature. Beautiful photo of the Butterfly on your finger.

Sarah said...

Wonderful! My husband gave me an owl house for Christmas several years ago, but only squirrels have called it home. I think it is too dense where we placed it, and now that we have a small dog I don't want to attract owls.
Your plaque is perfect!

Anonymous said...

words just cannot do justice to this blog post, I enjoyed this so so so very much, you are living a dream, a beautiful dream,

Laura said...

I want to be like Lucy Pittman- and you-too!

Your home and garden are just lovely!

NanaDiana said...

Gina- What a great post...and I love that you have that plaque~~~ Your pictures are all awesome and that butterfly on the hand is beautiful. xo Diana

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

The one you chose is really beautiful and perfect for your exterior. xoox Su

handmade by amalia said...

I can't believe that a beautiful butterfly landed on your hand. What a life.

Cindy Hattersley said...

All of those wonderful creatures are the sign of a healthy garden! Those owls are so gorgeous!