Wednesday, October 4, 2017


New Mexico pottery...well...even if you don't want to own it, you must admit it is very beautiful...

...especially when you think about the talented hands that sculpted the clay taken from the earth and baked in the sun or fire side kiln.

Of Tewa heritage of the San Ildefonso Pueblo in the Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico, Maria Martinez became world-renowned for her black-on-black pottery

Andreita Gonzales (8)
Barbara's granddaughter and Maria's great granddaughter
this is a little pinch pot we bought from her family's studio on her reservation

we purchased it for Betty (10) in case some day Andrieta is as famous as her great grandmother

In a recent art class of my 8 year olds, we water-colored a pot by 
Maria Martinez
this belongs to Betty and is hanging in her home...she was 8 when she painted it
I think kid's art is so naïve...I just love it

San Ildefonso Pueblo New Mexico

Saint Ildefonso

what a great adventure to visit the reservations and see their wares
most of them are excited for you to visit their homes, but you must check in and you must follow their rules and honor their privacy

Angels Baker and Café

we walked in to grab some lunch and I spied a pot that was sitting dangerously close to the edge of the shelf.  I asked our waiter if it could come live at our house...(was it for sale?)  He went to a lot of trouble to contact the owner of the Café and make arrangements for us to purchase it, pack it up and take care of our lunch all at the same time!

The owner of the Café worked with Sanford Besser, a well-known collector in Santa Fe.  This is where the pottery came from.

these are part of our small collection...the owl was an estate sale find and the story teller a gift from my mother

this is the pottery that came to live at our house!

It never hurts to ask if something is for might just take home a treasure!

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NanaDiana said...

What beautiful pieces of art-including the painting by your 8 year old girl!

I didn't know that artist until I read about her here. She does beautiful work. xo Diana