Sunday, June 20, 2010


We just popped in the gallery to see how much the metal poppy yard art was displayed just outside.

A quiet man with a gray ponytail and mismatched clothes and a BIG turquoise necklace approached me.

Even his approach was measured and eccentric.

He admired my turquoise cuff and then proceeded to show me his pinkie rings (2), his chunk necklace (hard to miss), and then showed me the contents of left pocket, (large turquoise rock from Utah), content of right pocket, (7 turquoise rocks from Tibet).
Can we say (not out loud) you have a turquoise fetish?

I asked him if he was the artist and he proceeded to tell me he was an author.

About to publish his 7th book.

So…I cut him some slack.

But I won’t be purchasing his books on
I think his subject matter is aliens in pursuit of turquoise.

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