Thursday, September 15, 2011


Today, the morning brings a chilly end to the summer heat wave.  All summer, the temperatures have soared over 100 and there was little, very little rain.

I have been wishing for this day more than I usually do because I love summer


I'm not sure when I began celebrating Fall's First Fire...but it's one of my favorite holidays that I made up myself. 
Instructions for Fall's First Fire:

1.  have a cool crisp autumn day
2.  cook something yummy so the pot is brewing and smelling divine
3.  strike a match to a few of those damp logs that have been sitting against your fence since last winter
4.  Curl up with your loved one(s) and a glass of wine
5.  get lost in the warmth

pretend like you drive down this road to get to your cozy little house at the end of the street and if you roll down your window you can smell your pinon before you get home

and look forward to the next holiday that is just around the corner...yes that's right

zen rocks on your paper cat's head day...

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