Tuesday, September 6, 2011


OK...it's taken me the whole weekend to get over the fact that Wine Tower is


Why do I have to be on the wine tower karma bus?

First of all....we order it in February...it arrives, damaged in June, finally gets here in September and I find out

it doesn't keep my wine cold enough.


From the time I was little, going to the show at the Lyric, buying a cup of ice for a dime and grapefruit lifesavers for fifteen cents, crunching them together to get that icy cold citrusy yummy summer time flavor, I have been on this path...replaced by

Kim Crawford
Monkey Bay

citrus heaven..especially since now it can be intoxicating...but the above should be chilled between 43-48 degress and lame wine tower only goes to 52.

So...if I want my icy cold chilled selection to come out of the refrigerator with lovely delicate dew on the bottle, I have to keep mine in the beer fridge in the garage.

So glad I'm not a wine snob!

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