Monday, July 15, 2013

JULY 12, 2013

was a very good day!

backyard sprinkler system begins!
Privacy fence...going up!  Holes dug, lumber on the trailer!

Sister Day in Southlake, Texas
this event date was chosen as to not interfere with the nearing
due date of Baby Perrilyn...August 4

how many July 12ths have I received a phone call past midnight that
scared me half to death in reference to this son of mine?

we were "deep in the Knob Creek" if you know what I mean and time slipped away
had it not been for that...we would have already retired for the evening and I would have not heard my phone ring at 12:06 AM to let me know...

the baby was coming

we considered driving the six hours to Amarillo right then but
*Knob Creek*

so...we stayed up talking until nearly 3 AM and got up at 5 to 
get to the hospital in Amarillo

"we're pushing"
at 1:20 PM...was the text...(I am the mother in law this time and
 not at bedside...just lollygagging down the hall...waiting)

after lots of hard work the decision was made for a 

July 12, 2013
2:14 PM

Perrilyn Hazel Davis
10 minutes old

Betty has spent almost the entire summer with her dad
and this was the ONLY weekend we had her until August
we think they had plans in heaven for Perrilyn to arrive early so Betty could be there!

let the photo op begin!

proud Poppy n B

Proud aunt and cousin!

Proud aunt and cousin
Does God answer the prayers of a mother in the wee early morning hours
when she speaks to Him on behalf of her children?


who's next????


Minha vida de campo said...

Parabéns pelo nascimento do bebe. Que Deus abençoe a família. Que essa linda criança traga muitas alegrias e felicidades.
Meu filho está com 28 ano e eu estou aqui esperando para ele me darem um neto.
Bjos e tenha uma ótima semana.

Stacy Curran said...

OMG! Congratulations!!! She is GORGOEUS!!

Leslie said...

Great photos! Congratulations!!


Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

What a gorgeous little girl...and Betty looks so cute holding her new cousin! You look beautiful and happy, Gina. Congrats!

Heather - New House New HOme said...

Congratulations Grandma!!!! He's gorgeous!

Heather - New House New HOme said...

Oops, typo! SHE is gorgeous!!

NanaDiana said...

Congratulations. SHE is just a BEAUTIFUL baby! The nice thing about c-section babies is that they are born pretty without any trauma or misshaping of the head. I can't wait for more pictures. Time or a Knob Hill celebration! xo Diana

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Congrats...she is so cute!

Marina Pérez said...

Oh My God! Congratulations all of you, Gina! I'm very glad, a new baby is always something great!

Hugs and kisses from Spain!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

God hears the prayers of a mother, INDEED! Human and even animal! I've seen it happen.....

BUT this is such a heart-embracing story my beautiful one, of family and the dynamics of expectation and delivery. AND YOU HAVE A POOL?????? How refreshing is that! I spent one night in Houston as I had missed my flight from L.A. to Minneapolis last week; at 3:30am, it was already HOT and HUMID as could be.

Your home is always a lovely haven to escape to, and bravo on your new sprinklers! You'll need it!
Thank you so much for coming by to see the little parakeet on the's all a balancing act!!!! Anita

Geneva said...

Awwww ... this one brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations!!!!!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Lucky to have another wee one to hug and love. God Bless.

Marissa said...

Congratulations What a gorgeous baby... What a blessing!!!

Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

congratulations! So happy she arrived safe and sound, and that you arrived there safe and sound also! Youre gorgeous Gina! So happy for you all.
xo Nancy