Wednesday, July 17, 2013


One of my favorite little phrases that I hear often from this sweet mouth is


in our situation, I find myself wanting to offer our neighbors a bit of privacy
not that we have that many shenanigans going on and we are seldom out past 9 PM

but we always knew we'd build a very tall fence in our backyard
once cute carpenter man
and Mr. PV could get together to build it!

this brings back some distant memories of all that pine that needed to be grey washed to go on our master ceiling..whew! glad we got that part done!

we have had the strangest weather this year...100+ in May
and now in July?  Almost 2 inches of rain in the last 2 days with record lows for
the highs and the lows...set back in the early 1900's.
And rain predicted all week!
it's been far too wet for the sprinkler system crew to that project is on hold
and even though the yard is really didn't stop these two!

this fence will have slats over the top of what you see 
with a nice cap on top of that...not only private, but very tall
I am so excited for the will have a double opening with something very fancy I am told

to make up for...oopsie

they had about two hours in which to work before the next wave of rainstorms arrived

we have been in a long drought so no one complains of the rain
no one!

Mrs. Hergert had a fire pit before fire pits were cool
we uncovered this one which was under years of Virginia Creeper
we found some of the original brick left over so it will be taller and have red flagstone

this is the view from the firepit
the pool that we haven't been able to use much
last year it was under construction
this summer
well...the rest of the yard is under construction

so I have been amusing myself in other ways

like growing veggies

dreaming of flowerbeds

eating kumquats
and waiting my turn!


Minha vida de campo said...

Também gosto de privacidade. Aqui não temos vizinho perto, moramos numa fazenda. Estranharia morar com pessoas ao lado. Lindo ficou seu muto de madeira. Seu jardim está muito bonito. Aqui começou a chover e não para mais. Tivemos uma seca terrível. Temos um problema grava aqui, perto de minha casa tem extração de areia e eles rebaixaram o lençol freático. Lagoas que tínhamos em nossa propriedade secaram e morreram todos nosso peixes.
bjos e tenha uma ótima semana.
Linda sua netinha, quero ver quando vierem meus netos. É uma felicidade ver esses lindo bebe.

La Brocanteuse said...

Isn't it wonderful how even in the smallest change there is excitement- although not small in your case, I am sure you are having fun in this project! -wishing you all the best- Colette X

designchic said...

What a wonderful project and it all looks so need to travel from here!!

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful post. Love the pool and the fence will be great. We cannot put one up that is that tall here. 6' is the maximum. The only way to "get around the law" is to build a berm and put it on top of that-which no one really does..we did on one side. Great old firepit, too. Can't wait to see more- xo Diana

carolyn bradford said...

Your projects always amaze me! Your husband is so "handy"! I wish Jim and I were more like that! Thankfully, our son has his own building company so we can pick up the phone whenever we have a project! However….he's NOT CHEAP that's for sure! LOL! Thanks for stopping by earlier….you have GOT to check out Luke Bryan! He won Entertainer of the Year and his song Crash My Party is the #1 country single right now! Oh….and it's his birthday today! ( do I seem smitten to you?) He's a doll!

Heather - New House New HOme said...

It's never ending at your place -every week there's another new project! The fence looks awesome. Privacy for sure - it's the first thing we did when we moved here!

Marissa said...

How exciting for you! I have been waiting 3 yrs for a fence and I can't wait till mine goes up. We are also considering a pool too. The pool people told us they can do both..I cant wait ..seeing all your pics is really motivating me..I love it all.what size is your pool? Thats the only thing we cant figure out..your yard is gorgeous. .

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Awesome project my friend! And I wanna take a dip in that pool :)

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Your backyard is a paradise! You are one lucky duck. We're hugging the side of a mountain, so all we have is a deck!

Your fence is pretty, and I want to see your pretty gate once it's up!


Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Gina, the pool looks gorgeous!! Hopefully you'll have better weather to enjoy it and finish the fence! Look forward to seeing the gate.
x Loi

Ivy and Elephants said...

What a gorgeous backyard! It was well worth the time and work. Now it is a gorgeous paradise. Enjoy!

Karen Albert said...

You are a lucky lady to have a hubby to do projects like this. It will soon be a dream yard!

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Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Precious little girl!
I love our tall shenanigans here,either but it sure is nice to have privacy. YOur yard and garden are looking great!