Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Klimt's works of art are renowned for the most detailed and colorful and often applied layers of gold leaf

I'm not sure if you have ever worked with gold leaf
but is isn't easy and surely isn't an easy thing for little hands

but there are lots of alternatives for using gold

this is a stamp with gold ink

they each made their own diary and I told them I get to read it
the seal is wax stamped with various designs I have
they told me they weren't allowed to play with matches
(this is what we did when the liquid gold markers were drying)

art lessons always include music
... very partial to the cello
this is the Tree of Life we are working on
I so enjoy having my computer near
so they can look at an example
and also that we can create to music

Gustav was a "gimper"
are you familiar with that word?
when I googled it I only found it in an urban dictionary which is weird
but to explain in my own words
Gimp is cord..tassels...embellishments and a gimper is one that "adds on"

we began with our colorful background


we added gold and mirrors and jewels
with gold pens rather than gold leaf

ok...this is mine...I confess
I'm not good at plain
it makes me smile to see our new art loft space at 822
alive with the work of children in our community
When we had Zulu Art Gallery there were nearly 40 students
I don't have nearly enough space for that but I actually prefer the smaller classes now that I've done it

You have done a very wonderful thing for us Mr. PV
very wonderful!  We are so blessed! Thank you!

We have one more Gustav project to complete before the
October 5

these are our invitation post cards this year
created by one of our SHS Art Students
and I proudly add
one of my former students when she was a little girl!

Gold indeed!


Marina Pérez Bejarano said...

Love it! Great!


Anonymous said...

such a wonderful experience to enjoy art through the children's eyes, you are truly an angel.Beautiful work,

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Oh my goodness those invitation postcards are amazing!!

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

So cool to have that art loft, Gina! And even cooler to introduce art to children!! xo Loi

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello there Gina! You love the cello too? That is my next favorite instrument next to the harp! And your photo at the end is so beautiful. Do you teach art in the public schools? Anita

carolyn bradford said...

What a special blessing to work with children AND art! It has to be so gratifying! Your former student who made the invitation is quite talented! If I were you I would take full credit! Wonderful post, Gina!

Heather @ New House New Home said...

How wonderful that your dream is coming true - to open your home to teach art is truly amazing.

You must be so excited for next week's walk - I remember last year's and I'm sure this year will be equally successful.

Congratulations, my friend.