Friday, August 13, 2010


I picked Princess Betty up from the babysitter yesterday and on the drive home we began to discuss the castle that Daddy B and Poppy are going to buy.

I drove her by to show her the house and when I called it a house, she corrected me and said
"It's a castle Poppy." So began our discussion of her being a princess, B being Prince goes a little like this...

Betty: Poppy, YOU be the witch in the fire.
Me: No Betty, I don't want to be a witch..witches are mean and I'm nice.
I want to be a queen.
Betty: Is B going to be the Prince? Is he going to be Prince Charming? Will he wear a red cape?

Uncle Charles interrupts us with a call.

Betty: Can Charles be a prince too?
Me: Yes..we will have Princess Grace, Princess Beatrice, Princess Betty, and Prince Charles.
Betty: And Prince Charming with a Red Cape?
Me: Of course

Betty: Will YOU be the witch in the fire Poppy?
Me: Ohhhh Kaayyyy. But I'm going to be a nice witch.
Betty: Will you have apples Poppy?

I think we will be having this conversation for a very long time.

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