Sunday, August 15, 2010



texting is not for me.

I am a: too old b: too blind c: have too large fingers

My sister: your texting was hysterical last night...were you drunk?
Me: well...I had a glass of wine, but no...not really.
My sister: go back and read your texts...I'm still laughing.


Me: Hey...lokeo at m i'm testing
My sister: Hey...what are you doing?
Me: sit by ter phoend with my perps
My sister: Are you drunk?
Me: no..buttocks it's dare and i carmel get used to this lit keyoboard
My sister: doesn't your screen light up?
Me: yes, bill biggest preolem is the it fills in mywords and i can't seem to tll if I have secreted tie right word or no.

and d: perhaps I am a drunk texter I could be...but let's not let the day pass without acknowledgement of my bff...gustiest blonde I ever knew...
If I am the typinator....she is the first woman I have ever known to be the only female in a fantasy football league...and her name might be...could be.... The Vaginator...unless she whoas herself back. I am going to enter her into my droid with a capital "V"

Get back Helen Reddy.

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