Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Life list # 78...Invent Plant Bandaids.

Yesterday while eating Chinese, I received some very exciting news.

Since I only have one invention sent to myself and saved in my safe deposit box, the news can only be in reference to IT.

You know when you're in your garden and you accidently bump into your most amazing Bachelor Button that you've ever grown in your life and realize that it is now bent and needs to be held up by something that has some kind of healing growth hormone?

Well...that's when you need a plant bandaid.

And now that I know...it has merit... I think I will get on with the invention process.

I have the first step covered...I have mailed a prototype to myself and saved it in my SDB at FNB so no one will be trying to steal my great idea.

FYI...I have warned my children about the contents of my SDB at FNB.

Should give them a good laugh some day.

Maybe at the reading of the will...they will all be wearing some kind of green T with a Poppy's Plant Bandaid logo on it.

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