Monday, February 28, 2011


I keep repeating myself.

I already said that.
And I might have already told you this.  Once I had a dream that me, hubby, hubby mama were performing Silent Night in his church.

I was playing the cello.

Then he bought me a cello that Christmas which I played every day for 2 years.
And then I stopped.

Here are my excuses:
an 80 year old violin teacher with weenie arms broke my A string
I have moved into another house and cellos are persnickity about being moved
My new house is full of insulation dust and sheet rock dust and cellos don't tolerate dust
I have been very very busy trying to do all I do and practicing my cello is #8 on my list
I rarely make it past #6 on any given day

Not to worry.
I love my Cello and I will play it again when I finish my music room which comes right after my chapel
that is unless I go to jail for a dishonest hit counter.

Then I might have to play the air cello.

I already do that.  Have I already told you that?

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