Tuesday, February 22, 2011


All those years ago when driving by 822, the signs of spring would unveil her lovely beauty around the curvy sidewalk as the red tulips and grape hyachinth popped up to say "hello".

I always dreamed of a curvy sidewalk and now I have one. But because we moved the old front door and created a new one, the old curvy sidewalk had to go and so did the red tulips and purple hyacinth.

So President's Day 2011, chilly, but not as cold as it could be in February, included planting 100 red tulips and 500 purple hyacinths.

What a fun day in the neighborhood with the most
precious help one could ever imagine.

My hope is that when Betty is older and even driving by herself, she will remember the day she kissed the bulbs and planted them in the frozen winter ground and hoped and dreamed of the day her efforts would yield the most incredible and lovely...

...curvy sidewalk blooming with red and purple with a great big "HELLO".

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