Friday, March 4, 2011


The summer I was 14 I traveled with my grandparents to Alma, Nebraska to visit my cousins.  It was an 8 hour drive and we planned to be gone a week.

We had been there a day or two and when Sunday rolled around, church was certainly on the to go to list.
One little problem.  I didn't pack any shoes.  No, I didn't forget to pack them, I didn't pack them.

That's when I (and others) realized I was either a gypsy or a hippie.  Because I had packed my gold hoop earrings and my cut off shorts.  Just no shoes.  My grandmother was appalled and my aunt laughed.

I dislike shoes and I dislike them more in the summer, but I have come to the realization they are necessary in the winter.  I have one shoe rule and have been known to get up and leave when that rule is impossible. 

I must be able to cross my toes.  If I can' drives me over the edge.

So...this is why the above black high top converse all stars are my wedding shoes.
(Well, not these exact ones, because my real ones are packed away somewhere)

This isn't my only idio...but it's my favorite one!

No shoes for me unless absolutely necessary and only if I can cross my toes while wearing them!

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