Wednesday, March 23, 2011


To never buy more Pledge for the next 8 years.

Has this ever happened to you?  You're at the grocery store and Pledge is on a 2 For sale.  You can't remember, you aren't sure, but you think you might be out of in your basket go two cans of Pledge.

When you get back to your cleaning closet you realize this has happened to you before. 


Now...this is not my story, but with the rock house came at least 12+ cans of Pledge and one or two+ squirt bottles of Orange Wood Cleaner.

I would never buy that much Pledge, just ask peep 3 about my dusting habits.  So I shared many cans with many friends and still have some to spare.

I would never buy that much dusting paraphernalia.  In my house you might however find an abundance of...


Because. I. Love. Clean. Windows.

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LKB said...

My dusting habits are non-existent, however, in doing research I have found an abundance of mustard. It seems that each time the hubalump goes to the store (which is practically 12 times a day) he returns with mustard because he never wants to run out.