Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This morning I had a nice chat with my mother.

She tricked me by calling from her home phone as I didn't recognize the ring tone I had given her cell.   So I got down from my ladder which was a good thing since I was painting my fireplace in my VS striped pjs, to answer the call.

It might have been my appliances arriving.

Nope.  Mom.

She made me laugh.  And then for reasons I won't get into, I wanted to

Bop. Her. On. The. Head.

Have you ever felt this way about your mother?
Shake your head yes.
Ok.  I am not alone.
I love her.
But I am so glad she is not the boss of me anymore.


LKB said...

Haven't I shared with you the fact that I am writing a book on the Love/Hate relationships between mothers and daughters. Seriously, there was no one on earth who could infuriate me to the degree my mom did - and no one I would like to talk to again more!

Anonymous said...

One can only feel so instensely for someone who matters to us so much.