Thursday, March 24, 2011


Ok....I walk in from the grocery store after stocking up on Windex and hear this moaning.  I mean loud.  In fact, it kind of scared me.

So I walk closer to the sound and I realize it's Fred.  He's singing....or moaning. he's painting our doors with Cetol and I'm thinking "Man he must be really high."  And I'm sure he is because I can smell it from here.   And I say, "Fred, that looks nice."  And he doesn't respond.  And I think, "I'm sure now he's pretty high."

He catches my movement and turns around and I just about die laughing...he has on a headset.  And he's singing.  Only he can't hear what I hear...which is moaning. 

I bet he thinks he sounds good.  But he doesn't.  He scared me, then I thought he was high. 

And then I thought he must be listening to Prince.

Or Floyd Cramer.

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LKB said...

Or.....he could have been listening to AudioPorn. Just sayin'