Tuesday, March 22, 2011


After my brother was born, my mother went in for her 6 weeks check up and found she was pregnant with me.

This means that my brother and I are the same age for two weeks in the summer. I have written about this craziness before, but something changed a couple of weeks ago.

We were close in age, but never really that close. For several reasons I suppose but to state the obvious, he was a boy and I was a girl.

I have so many funny stories about us growing up…fist fighting, playing jokes on each other which we still do to this day…so many that I’m considering a blog series just to tell about them.

But another reason is that he married young. In fact if I remember correctly he was a barely 18 when he married and of course they said it would never last.

37 38 years have come and gone along with most of his hair…but one thing remains. The two pictured in this photo are still as solid as a rock.

From older post:
A couple of weeks ago..he had a very scary heart attack at the age of 53…M was scheduled for her own major surgery, but put it off until he was well on his way back to health.

Tomorrow…I will go spend the day with them both. I love them so much. I plan to cook jell-o and do some laundry and when I asked if I could come, he said "don’t forget your mop."

In case he doesn’t know it.. I am so glad he’s alive and I’m so glad they are together. I can’t wait to tell them that they are an example of what love is really about and how and why it should last. Making it through the skinny and the fat…and never never never not ever giving up.

And I am blessed to know them both.


Ross said...

I am blessed to know them both too. I am so proud that they have made it. That is so awesome.

stefanie said...

wow, that is young!!! I love hearing of long marriges, so rare now...congrats, and have fun!