Thursday, March 24, 2011


My mother...
is a beautiful creature.  Inside and out, but especially out.
She has been told many times she looks like Elizabeth Taylor and I kind of think she does too.

When I was 19 we took a trip to NYC.
It was at the height of the oil boom and something I took for granted that we could afford a limo to take us out and about.

We had dinner reservations one night at some swanky restaurant and arrived in our long black limo.  When we got out...a crowd kind of gathered thinking they might be in the presence of Elizabeth Taylor.

Nope, just a pretty face from Texas.

First peep asked me last night...did Honey (that's her name because she never wanted to be Grandma) ever regret that she had 5 kids and didn't pursue a different life?

My response was that while she was very beautiful and very intelligent, her talent was sewing and creating and she really didn't have a talent such as singing or she really didn't give up anything.

In fact...she had it all.  And she still does.

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