Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Email from my mother:

Gina/Tracy: I just got off the phone with Uncle Gene. He said he and Lue had gone to lunch at a restaurant owned by some friends there in Calero. Their friend had a friend there who was full-blood Choctaw. In fact this was a young girl whose parents spoke Choctaw in their home and she was fluent in the Choctaw language.

So Gene asked her how to say your names:

Red Bird is: hushi homma (hushi=bird, homma=red)

Turtle Mother is: svshki luksi (the sv is pronounced as "h", thus it sounds like "hushki")

Gene asked her if she could give him an Indian name and she said, "Yes, she could". Lue said for her to name him "Big Daddy". So she did...and that is "chiki chito"....

Toodle, doodle, love, Mother

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