Saturday, March 26, 2011


Ok...Eddy is our electrician.  He is at my house almost everyday and I really really like him.

He's funny.  He's polite.  He's courteous.  He works hard.  He's cute.

Today, I saw him on isle 3 at the grocery store with his woman.

They were standing close and they were talking about what they were going to have for supper. I didn't need to wonder what they were doing an hour ago.

I saw him in a whole different light. 

They way he looked at her like do we want cilantro or no?  Do we want beef or pork?  Do we need windex or pledge?

Raw.  Real.  Just doing what we do.  Connected.  Very.Connected.

And the way they obviously felt about one another made me feel happy.  It made me feel better about the days he crawls around in my attic and under my house connecting wires and plugs and 220s and 110s.  And the day he worked all day to put in a 3way only to find that it was at the wrong place..not by his choice but by ours...

The dissapointment on his face...I hope...was changed when he went home to his pretty little wife who had been to the store getting his supper...with the money he earned from us.

That is what makes the world go around.  And around.

I love Eddy.  And I'm not the only one.

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Señorita said...

What a great reflection!! I really enjoyed reading about Eddy. I love when people are in love like that; so beautiful.... :)