Monday, April 11, 2011


Perhaps you may have noticed I have been M.I.A.

More on that later.

We thought we had cured our turkey vulture problem last fall by drastically chopping off their sunset roost.

Not so lucky.

When we returned from our week long trip, back they were and in a very big way. (view 47 in photo)

So big that an email circulated around FNB making a joke about hubby's car being covered with white poop.

These birds are protected.  More on that later.

Neighborhood conversation:

B:  ##(U%#@ there they are again..have you seen my car?

W McC:  I just saw some birds scatter and thought B must have his shotgun handy.
M:  He can't shoot them, they're protected!
B:  I don't want to shoot them...I want to shoo them and I can do that with a gun
G:  He really tried to shoo them wearing only his boxers?  That oughta work!
T(tipsy neighbor):  Your house is baaaaaaaaad Aaaaaa$$ wonder you don't want them hanging around
B:  *#($&%% there they are again...I just washed my car!
B:  Fully clothed, claps very gun involved.
B to G:  get in the car and let's go see where they went, I think they headed north.
B:  Why does that family think they can ride bikes all over the whole street?
G:  It's a good thing they're protected...they don't even know what a tree is.
B:  Nice to see our tree empty!

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