Thursday, April 21, 2011


b. Apr 21, 1923, Donley County, Texas
d. Oct 14, 1998, Borger, Hutchinson County, Texas, age: 75
Meet Cinnamon Roy. 
Today would have been his 88th birthday. 
I miss him and think of him every day of my life.
The lessons he taught me with his iron hand and loud voice...hard to imagine from this photo that he had either...stay with me.
"All it takes to tell the truth is a little bit a guts"
"Methodists don't believe in reincarnation..that's for heathens"
So my grandmother could pass on a prize lesson due to him..."you can tell the character of a man by the way he treats his mother"...evidently she was impressed.
One day we were all invited over for steaks.  When daddy cooked a steak..that was all that was on your plate...steak.  On this particular day, he must have been thinking of some rig far away and instead of sprinkling the steaks with pepper (no salt for us) he accidently grabbed the cinnamon and so became known and remembered by those who loved him..."Cinnamon Roy".
These memories to this day bring tears to my eyes.
I think he is sitting in heaven amused at me restoring the home my mother wanted in 1965, but refused to buy her because it needed too much work.
Here's to you daddy...I don't have a kitchen for steaks today, but I sure might sprinkle some cinnamon in my pondtini. 
I miss you and think of you every day of my life.

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Ross said...

Happy Birthday Dad.