Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Welcome to the guest room at the rock house, aka The Bird Room

It features a very old sleigh bed that hubby bought me before we married.
And my Granny Bea's chairs and drum table that have been a trio since before I was born.  They were gold they have a lively floral print.
Original art by Amy Winton...oil pastel of redbuds in favorite tree
Original art by Marilyn Yanke...oil on canvas...above my mother's dresser
Beautiful stain glass windows in place of a door that made no sense
Most certainly a prayer candle and an angel or 12
Triple Down...down feather bed, cozy down comforter, fluffy down pillows...all in a crisp vintage white
Flowers to hold back the silk drapes
An iris collage made by my grandmother's talented and loving hands...she gave this to me many years ago and I adore it
A snail?  Of course!
A view?  Of need to worry about peekers...just birds as this room in nestled in the pines
The Bird Girl...a great read!
and because my sister is my very best friend...a pillow that desribes her...she is a flower growing in the sunshine. 

I have 3 brothers and one younger sister.  When she was little she annoyed the heck out of me at times.  Mostly because she often dissapeared when it was time to do dishes or wanted to play Barbies with me and my friends.  One time I had a friend over and she cried to sleep with me.  So I let her...only I made her sleep on the floor beside the bed.  And she did.  And while I have forgiven myself for being such a meanie to her, I think about it sometimes and how those we love the most we treat the ugliest.

But in this house...this is her room.  It's my mother's room although she will never come visit, and it is most certainly my grandmother's room, but since she's in heaven...I just filled it with her things and know that she is alive in all that is there.

And lest you get too impressed with the soft and inviting ambiance of this room....take a look at the bathroom below that goes along with it.

YIKES!  Not to worry though...I have big plans for it too!  Soon I hope!


tracylynn said...

I'll take it!!! You made me cry...again but with tears of happiness and appreciation. Know this...yes, you were mean to me at times, have made up for it a million trillion times.

I Can't wait to sleep in that lovely bed and wake up to the birds singing.

I love you!!!

LKB said...

Would that I had a sister to make such a beautiful room for me to sleep in and would that I had such a sister to invite to sleep in a room filled with memories and love. I hope you have many moments together, laughing, crying, and remembering.