Wednesday, April 27, 2011


At the risk of being redundant and using this photo again, I will, since that's what this blog is really all about.

Growing up on Townsend street, my bedroom was painted this color...with a canopy bed and toile curtains.

At Miss Collard's house, almost the entire house was painted this color and I never changed it.

At Miss Berry's...the bathroom.

At 1107, Mattie's room was painted "Cole Slaw".  She didn't really like it very much by the way. 

Perhaps she might have liked it better if the name would have been "Methodical"...which is what it is today. 

No kidding....the very nearly same color of green my entire life.

Like the old painter Smitty used to say when he painted the entire Bulls' Inn "Pistachio"...

"it's just easy on the eyes"

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