Thursday, April 14, 2011


Today is somebody's birthday who is very dear to me.  A few memories I'd like to share.

I remember going to church with my family and marching down the isle with my very pregnant mother.  I was 10 and just about to cringe to death because I knew that everyone knew what she'd been doing.

I remember my sister dressing up in heels and makeup and carrying this poor child around with his head bobbing like a rag doll.

I remember him falling off the merry go round his very first day of school and having a knot bigger than a chicken egg.  He had to come home.

I remember a few months later he began to have seizures and my dad picked me up at an out of town football game and told me our little brother might have a tumor, or cancer, or something very bad.  It's the only time I ever saw him cry.

I remember when he was 14 and went to baseball camp and forgot to take his medicine and while my parents were on a trip, my sister and I had to take him to the hospital because he was having seizures.  We never left his side.

I remember after that he refused to take his medicine because he wanted to be normal.  This was at the risk of him not ever getting his driver's license.  He's never had a seizure since.

I remember when he got married and we danced the cha-cha at his Catholic Spanish wedding.

I remember 6 months later him walking out of the delivery room..huge smile...with a baby foot stamped on his hand.

I remember him telling me that you need to give to the people under the bridge and it's up to God to decide if they're ripping you off or not.  He just wants us to give.

And today...I remember that my brothers, my sister, my mother, my children and most of all my hubby...are the ones I love the very very most.

And I'm pretty sure they love me back because I can do a very witty photo shop.  And to brother #2.  Sorry I forgot to blog on your birthday...I have some very good memories of you too...the above is one for sure!

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Ross said...

Gina, You are the greatest sister any little brother could ask for. I had no idea that you did this. IJackie just told me that you did this and I had to come see it. Thank you so much. I love you very much. Ross