Friday, June 1, 2012


I know this is  kind of strange, I even agree because I have lived in this little town all my life and spent lots of time wishing I didn't and saying I'd never come back when I left for college.

But today...early summer, overcast and cool skies that threaten to rain...the smell of cut grass

I was just driving to the post office to buy some stamps...window rolled down

Just on the few blocks down...I saw

Our one and only little post office truck delivering mail
two kids riding bikes to the pool, in suits, towel over shoulder, barefoot
2 cars driving real slow by my house to see what's up
lots of American flags
4 friendly dogs
our accountant riding his bike to work
our superintendent riding to work in the other direction
the now empty school yard getting watered
a very busy intersection...must be getting close to lunch
our brand new little street sweeper
5 stacked pots and a table left over from a garage sale that I stop to purchase and am told
"take 'em"--bless his rastafarian soul

I don't know if I can explain it but I felt as if I was watching a scene from
How the Grinch Stole Christmas 
and all these little folks and vehicles
 were on a set doing all the things they're supposed to do 
at just the right time

Trust me...there was a time this would have made me feel like I was in the 
twilight zone

but today...
it made me 

In honor of my vbff LooHoo
Little Cindy LooHoo
I sure miss you!


Artsy VaVa said...

Sounds like a lovely, wonderful place where you live. You described it beautifully!

heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

We have horse-drawn buggies go by the house every day and it's so surreal I almost have to pinch myself. Sounds like you had the same sort of morning. Nice.

It's All Connected said...

I live in a Currier & Ives photo, too, and I'm perfectly happy to stay here! If a dog hops a fence, any one of us knows where it belongs and the dogs know us well enough to let us take them home. You can't get more quaint than that! Enjoy you little spot of peace! ~ Maureen

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Oh, nice!! See, we don't have that in Wash, DC. I love where we live, but definitely would love to experience life in a small town, too. Hope your swimming pool is going well. Getting hot!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

HELLO THERE!!!! Oh, that is not the scene where I have lived three times! I am from Los Angeles, went to school in Boston, and now live in Minneapolis where it is the most calm of all these cities. But people are more in a hurry these days and less considerate and I suppose that it would be so nice to just STOP and see a scene from such a lovely town.

DEAREST thank you so much for stopping by to soak up the beauty of the water!!! Anita

Anonymous said...

sounds wonderful and I think you're home,

LKB said...

Ummm yeah.....if I didn't doggone love you so I would hate you. I too have lived in that little town you live in. How is it we never met? What I am going to do is when I look over at the neighbor's latest epoxy project I'm just going to imagine your house, yep that's what I'M gonna do. Peace and hairgrease my good friend never met.

Leslie said...

I just love this post. My husband always says we live in a little bubble. We are so fortunate and my wish is that more people would appreciate the little details in everyday living.. just like you did today.

How wonderful is that ?!

Enjoy your weekend and I so enjoy you always stopping by my blog.


blhitchcock901 said...

I love my small town. But I sure do miss my children who live in Nashville, TN now-6 hours away:( Thanks for following me. I've added you to my list!