Friday, June 15, 2012


This past weekend was spent with old friends in an old town.

Note to readers:  I was rated 2, so this post is just for fun..not retaliation, I swear.

We began the trip right with mimosa at breakfast, then we hit the road and librarian peep brought out a 1973 SHS Annual she'd been saving for just such an occasion.

Note to yourself:  If you donate books and such to places and such, you might want to take a browse through to make sure you haven't forever made an A$$ of yourself...and such....

In the car, one peep had already graduated and one was too young, but two of us were all over this annual, mostly because we were so popular.

The owner of the annual aka Most Studious which would explain why he had so much time to Rate His Annual showed his rating system on the hard cover.  1-5...1 being best.  Many had more elaboration in the way of SPECIAL AWARDS.  Through out the ENTIRE annual, he rated EVERYTHING.  Teachers, students, athletes, clubs, organizations and even the poor cafeteria ladies ("They Did the Best They Could Award").

I'll give him this...he was one witty guy. I confess I might have felt different if he'd given me anything below a 3.  2 it is.  Fine! I've always been kind of average whatever.
Maybe I could have come up a notch if only allowed to know him longer

He begins with a letter to "the person(s) who read this" it is evident that he not only was supporting a chip but was also psychic.  His short note was really a KMA essay eluding to his leaving this crummy town behind to all of us rated less than 1 me...whatever.

He left a very funny one to his girl cousin who beat him out as Valedictorian, but it was kind of long and detailed and I can't remember it because I was in high altitude on this trip. She was additionally rated a 5.  Poor thing...they were also selected Most Studious....together.  Chip.

There was one athlete/scholar that I so wish I could mention Scott Beedy (annual man crush) but he lives near me.  He was awarded waaaay more than a 1, and also had several special awards. He would be so proud.

Peep friend who was with me was rated a 3.  I felt so sorry for her until she explained that she was sure it was because she had taken a garage sale tennis racket to play tennis with him once.  Seems he was also an elitist in sports paraphernalia department.

I guess this is what he was wishing for on that tennis date

If I could just get my hands on that annual once more to gloat over my 2 rating I will most certainly take the time to have a post titled DOUG PORTER TWO.

It will make you laugh and you don't even know him.
son's don't know them either but you laughed right?

so....Stay Tuned!

Note to Doug:  Oh this post you would have only been identified as a "D" or maybe a "DP" because I'm all about privacy..but were pretty clear you wanted your annual to be viewed  by all and to whom it may concern...but I bet even the psychic you are, you had no idea in 1973 the powers that would prevail in 2012...I'm just helping you get what you wanted...

and btw...

I rate you a Number 1!


heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

love it! Funny how high school can haunt you the rest of your life!

You're a 1 in my books!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Gina:
Never mind the ratings...just look at the hairstyles. Now we know why we always avoid photographs!!!

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Hey Gina - In my yearbook, you're #1! Have a great weekend....thx for the funny post ;)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

DEAREST!!! THANK YOU FOR COMING to comment AND that you participated! It was fun, wasn't it? AND THOSE DOGS ARE HILARIOUS! I must go see this post with what looks like Kevin Costner that says, EEEEEWWWW! That should be fun....


helen tilston said...

Hi Gina

Sounds like a fun event and some good giggles too.

The dog picture is priceless and invites so many captions.

Have a wonderful weekend


Señorita said...

There is a reason why yearbooks are far into the bookcase somewhere... I have no idea where mine is. Great post ;)

Reinventing Mimi B said...

You are a #1 in my book! My 20th high school reunion is just a few months away, and I'm sure that it will be a real treat. I'm not sure I want to be told that I was rated a 3 though... I'd rather not know :)

~Mimi B~