Thursday, September 27, 2012


Yes you guessed it

a pergola at the pool house
because pool equipment needs to be housed and it's not that pretty

and speaking of not pretty
no matter how hard I try...
(hmmm...maybe THAT'S the problem...I don't really try hard enough)

 no matter how hard I might wish I try
I can never really capture the essence of what I see with my camera 
or maybe that IS the problem...
I don't really see...but rather 
and how can a camera be expected to capture a feeling???
(ok...well some can!)

you simply cannot imagine how incredibly lucky I feel to have come so far
 and sadly, just as the summer winds to its end
Most hot dry windy Texas summers leave me lovin' me some Fall 
But this year, I am hanging on the the still hot days because
1. I vividly remember painting these old auction pots Santorini Blue
just wishing for the day they would be by the pool
( Loi?  you can barely catch a glimpse of next year's blue garden among the armillary)
2.  I vividly remember buying these lanterns on sale at Hobby Lobby while I was supposed to be shopping for a mother of the bride!  THAT was a long time ago!

3.  I vividly remember my sister giving me this cool candelabra for my summer birthday and buying that gothic arch planter and sneaking in that "it'll do" bistro set among 48 gallons of paint from ACE

4.  I also vividly remember picking up these sea shells in Port Aransas and Punta Cana

and even though my photography leaves much to be desired
I most certainly VIVIDLY remember this

so while my camera seems to do just fine at capturing the ugly stuff
you'll just have to come sit with me by the clean blue water near the cedar pergola,
where we'll drink ourselves some pumpkin beer 
and discuss exactly why it is that umbrellas will not stand up straight!
and FEEL how pretty it really looks!


Sunray Gardens said...

You caught some great photos.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Marina Pérez said...

Lovely photos. And you explain very well what you feel or I understand it very well because I feel the same. Only a question. What is pumpkin beer?? is it real?? I always thought It was a magic drink that It is only served in Hogwarts

Annmarie Pipa said...

wow..your place looks fabulous! good for you!!
enjoy your many blessings!

carolyn bradford said...

You do a great job with your camera and a great job with your descriptions! I look forward to your posts all of the time because they are so REAL!!!! I love it!

Leslie said...

I agree with Carolyn ;) you take beautiful photos! Pumpkin beer sounds interesting! Can you actually taste the pumpkin in it?

heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

I think we all feel the same thing about our photos. Your pictures are always lovely. I can just imagine sitting with you under the pergola with a pumpkin(?) beer - what the heck is THAT?

Nancy said...

Oh my goodness this is truly divine. It is so awesome to see the finished product and see how much you love it and how much love you put into it! I wish I could come have a cocktail with you by the pool! We could have some fun, that's for sure. Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy it for a while before you close it up for winter ( or do you do that down there?) Our pool closes next week, which is late for our area. The water is 65 degrees, but my husband still likes to get in it after football practice ( he coaches high school football). Your camera seems to be doing fine, don't stop trying.. I do FEEL the ambiance, truly.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I agree- you're photos are capturing the beauty and feel. It's beautiful and coming together at last!
It's still hot enough to swim here, no rules saying that you can't swim among the pumpkins, right? We enjoy our pool more in the fall than at any other time of year. If you can consider it autumn when it's still 92 degree. haha
Enjoy your beautiful space and drink up~ your pumpkin ale won't be here for long. :)