Friday, September 21, 2012


I guess I just can't help it
I'm a theme decorator
are you?

I have one word

yes...when I was painting this little hallway I did not paint the wood
I just wasn't sure I wanted to and besides sooner or later these doorways will be open arches 
so it was kind of pointless to go to all the trouble
it's like wood trim is unending when you're painting it

but I came across this 
and got inspired

and I was tired of looking out my window to see 
so I got inspired more
 to create something pretty and take my mind off that ugly view

 my favorite tree
(this is a pastel from Amy Winton P.S.A.)

my favorite tree is the Red Bud Tree
I love the heart shaped leaves and red flowers

Thank you for a great sale 

Thank you friend Linda for this beautiful atomizer

other red bud trees

I painted this when I was in the 2nd grade

love the colors of this cross I bought in Taos
and if my house has one cross it has 400

I google translated words like "linens" to French
French words are so pretty

just hand painted in my own writing in gold paint

This says:
of all the jewels in my possession by far my favorite are
my family
the back of the door lists all the gems I could think of like
diamond, ruby, pearl 

my great grandmother's and my grandmother's vases

don't forget the ceiling is 1/5 of the room

this little niche looks kind of plain, but not too plain with all the added color in the art work

The Red Bud Hall leads into two guest bedrooms and 2 guest baths
I thought it was ok to make it sort of a feminine entry

Kind of sweet don't you think?


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Gina:
We are in awe as to how very attractive and welcoming you have made the 'Red Bud' entrance hall to your spare bedrooms. We are certain that your guests will be entranced. Lucky them.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hi Gina...
I love your Red Bud hall...and can see why that is your favorite tree!
I am impressed with your free hand writing/painting skills...quite lovely! Take care, Laura :)

La Brocanteuse said...

so clever and creative! and that painting you did as child-extrememly sweet. just love it, and happy that it has a special place.
love to you
Colette x

stefanie said...

soooooo sweet!

It's All Connected said...

I'm certainly not going to show you any painting I did in grade 2, or even today! I do envy you your talent with a brush. That is a delightful entry, full of visual gems! ~ Maureen

HolleyGarden said...

How creative! Love the french words - and especially the saying about family. The difference is amazing. You are very talented.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WOW YOU CERTAINLY FIXED UP THAT SPACE! Oh, c'est très joli, ton placard!!! And when your arched doorways are put in, it will be so lovely. I cannot get over how much your home reminds me of ours.....GREAT JOB ON THE FRENCH!

Thank you for coming by to visit!

Annmarie Pipa said...

beautiful and welcoming!! you have a great touch!

StagerLinda said...

So you were a child prodigy with the paint brush? You are super talented--thanks for sharing your Red Bud hall, etc.

Geneva said...

Wow! You did good! It's Perfect in every way!!!

Nancy said...

Very sweet! I love it. Your home is going to be so personal and meaningful and artistic! It is beautiful.