Wednesday, August 28, 2013


my new friend and fellow blogger 
posed the question of 
"your favorite summertime memory"

gosh I love you are such an inspiration to my 
little world

as I am obviously intoxicated on this "end of summer kind of day"
I ask Mr. fetch my camera
with the magic word of course!


I have already missed the precious toad
that was resting here just moments ago
If I were a toad, ant or rolypoly,
this would be my chosen paradise

as the summer comes to an end
I can't help but be drawn in by the setting of the sun
earlier and earlier each day
and the shadows that linger here

soon the umbrellas will be put away
tarragon you have served us well


shadows on the wall

are you lavender ?

or Texas Bluebonnets?

are you iron or copper?

are you Betty or Perrilyn?

whatever you are will be back

yes...the mermaids will dive deep into the abyss

and we will patiently wait

for you and your brood to return

to our lovely branches

we will prepare

and hunker down

through the winter cold....

we aren't quite to the end just yet....

Hello Indian Summer


Anonymous said...

such beautiful photo, you look so happy and content in that beautiful pool, you look so pretty, just glowing,

NanaDiana said...

Love that first photo-you look like you haven't a care it the world. xo Diana

Marina Pérez said...

Summer is very short. Don't you think so? Beautiful post!


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Thank you for the mention :) and you look so happy in that pool!! I love the shadow pics by the way.

Heather - New House New Home said...

Oh my, Gina. You're making me sad to think that summer is over even in Texas. We Canadians are basking in 90 degree weather right now and autumn seems a long way away. But it's just around the corner sadly. Enjoy these last few weeks of warmth and sunshine. I know I plan to.

Leslie said...

Hi Gina, Great photo at the top! You look like you are in full relaxation mode and very happy:) I agree, if I were a toad I'd find this to be paradise! Gorgeous photos!

Burlap Luxe said...

Well, I agree... A rolypoly, toad or ant would be so lucky to live among your beauty. I love the poetry of the garden that shadow dances against your back drop of beauty.

Thank you dear friend for making another close visit to my place that inspires a simple relaxed wrinkled and frayed linen shade. Your visit truly joy my heart.
Love your pool, I am on my way over for a dip with Mr. Frog toad.


Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Dear Gina,

So glad to see you enjoying the pool! As I am a longtime reader of Pura Vida, I remember the construction of your pool. Seems like so long ago, right? Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

PS - All favorite plants of mine...the colors of purple, lavender and blue!

Marissa said...

Gina I can't figure it out either Lavender -Salvia and bluebonnets I don't know how many I killed this summer with over watering. What ever it is they grow beautiful in your garden.

Karen Albert said...

Gina, a beautiful end of summer post!
I love your photo and then the wondrous images of your garden and surroundings! The next season is another of beauty!

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carolyn bradford said...

So fun to see you relaxing and enjoying your pool! I too remember when it was being built! Here's to Indian Summers….and Fall on the way!

GranTurismo Driver said...

Nice post, great blog, following :)

Good Luck :)

StagerLinda said...

Aren't you model-pretty basking in the sun and your pool. Beautifully written post.