Monday, November 14, 2011


Whether you want a new car or just want everyone to get along, use this ornament to get into the spirit of the season. Write your wish on one of the included strips of paper and put it inside the ornament. Hung on the tree, it serves as an elegant decoration concealing a secret message "Wishes do come true".

I adore traditions.  I implement them often.  I seem to move past them just as often. :-(

I loved this new little tradition that came into our lives a few holidays ago.  We decided that we were all living too abundantly to receive gifts, so we decided to pool our money and buy for others.  And use our other money to celebrate Christmas later in the year (late January) somewhere warm (Mexico).

So...our old tradition....going to Christmas Eve Communion, all preparing and eating Grace's homemade Chicken Alfredo, watching movies by the crackling fire... took on a new one.  One wish in the wishing ball to be opened and read at a later time...namely on some awesome beach while on our trip to Mexico...each year. Beaches to be named at Christmas time.

Sadly...some of those folks have been voted off the island and the wishing ball has been left unopened for a season.  After packing it away, we have since moved (another kink in traditions) and when I come across it I will decide what to do with it. 

Perhaps I will just gather those slips of hope written on that wonderful sunny day and pin them together and put them back in...just as a reminder that things seem to change...and that's ok....or at least has the potential to become ok.

I just called baby bo peep and invited her to Saturday Snow Village.

Me:  Hey...are you driving?
BBP: Yep, almost home.
Me:  I just wanted to tell you and Coach Been we're going to start a new tradition...Saturday Snow Village
BBP:  Fun!...that will work out great since I have Thanksgiving in 4 different places this year...Saturday can just be different.
Me:  Right...what we will do from now on is get out the snow village, prepare and eat some tasty meal together, and have a blast setting it up all over 822....on the Saturday after Thanksgiving....for the rest of our lives.
BBP:  Right!

Wishes really come do...especially when they are simple and mine are.

I just want to have some kind of cozy togetherness that occurs on a some kind of normal basis in which we all share a few moments...just us...the ones that are there....loving each other and being so glad that in this great big eternity...we have found one another.

hmmmm....Saturday Snow Village...


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