Monday, November 7, 2011


Today it rained.


Is that why my computer is so sticky?

And driving me crazy as I try to update when I have better things to do on this rare thunderstormy day...

like make apple dumplings?

Things to do while I am waiting for photos and other stuff to upload on the HPO(s):

1.  Practice patience
2.  Watch the graph as it finally reaches 100% and breath
3.  Floss teeth
4.  Pee
5.  Look out the window to see if birdseed is getting low
6.  Fluff hair
7.  Hold in cuss word(s)
8.  Shred documents with new shredder purchased at last TNT Auction
9.  Pee
10.Hold in cuss word(s)
11.Youtube someone twiddling thumbs(these are not my thumbs)
12. Blog about it

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