Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It seems as though I have had a computer all of my life, but not so.  My baby peep was born about the same year the pc came around and so ok...maybe that has been all of my life.

But in all those years I might have had a virus or two or threat of one or two, but never...not ever has my computer just frozen and shut down and died...until last Wednesday.

I kept believing that when I walked away for a few hours and turned it back on all would be well. 


Luckily this fall I decided to upgrade my system so that I wouldn't have all those ugly wires and plugs and such in my new pretty I had an all in one PC waiting in the closet for a rainy day with nothing to do but plug it in and switch things over.


I'm not sure exactly what happened, other than the fact that I turned into a real grouch...but I was taken back to 1989 to the day I had no computer, no internet, no email, no facebook, no blog, no google, no ebay and man oh man oh JOB!

No HPO and boy have I felt like a bum! all in one pc has come out of the closet and it will certainly take a long while to get used to.

Worse than a new haircut.

I have no Address Book, some things are there, but not in the same keyboard feels different, my mouse is ADD and I have yet to find where to plug in my camera.

But there is a fantastic story in all this and I just can't wait to tell...but I have to wait because it's a very cool story that has to do with my anniversary which is December 20.

I'll give you hint. 

Instead of twiddling my thumbs, I was sewing a pillow...stitching it by hand and adding some antique buttons...and you will know the rest December 20.

If there is anything I love and nothing I believe more in life is this.... tiny little great big blessings always and I mean ALWAYS come just when you think your life is crazy and crappy....and they are pure gold!

The trick is to quit whining...WHY WHY WHY....and settle in to do something sew a pillow...hang something sentimental on your porch....light a candle....and believe that magic is meant just for you from up above with a message that's just gonna be ok!

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