Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The first 253 times this happened to me I thought it was


forgetful, hurried, haggled, busy and/or just plain a dumb butt

and then my paranoia set in.

I think it's a big fat scam and you know what?  It totally works...but not yesterday because it just made me too darn mad.  Sorry were the first one who didn't pull the scam off on me..hope I didn't ruin your Christmas savings account!

If this has happened to AWARE!

Here's how it works.

You go to a store (any store) and you are obviously hurried, haggled busy or an obvious dumb butt and therefore a perfect target.  You purchase items on your list, but when you get home you realize you "forgot" your $3.50 Q-tips.  $3.50?  Not worth the trouble of going back to the'll just get it next time. didn't really paid for them, they just didn't make it into your bag.  But the clever check out clerk does an over ring and makes $3.50....X 10 people...that's $33.50 per day.

Kind of like the phone company charging 99 cents to 8 billion people for some kind of tax you never understand.

This happened to me yesterday and I am so proud I just put my foot down and did the hard thing.

When I realized that I had been charged twice for a pair of $38 pants, I was too hurried, haggled and busy to drive all the way across Amarillo to protest and why would they believe me anyway? 

BUT...a dumb butt I was NOT going to be!

And so I did...I drove all the way across Amarillo and marched in to the store and got my gosh dang money back.  I would say "honest mistake" just happens too much.

If this same thing happens to you, don't blow it off...stand up and get your bananas if you bought them!

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