Thursday, December 1, 2011


This is a special year....the first Christmas at 822 and many things went into the ideas for my pink holiday living room.

First of all...nature.

This summer when the baby owls hatched this is exactly what they looked like, so when I found these poufs of fur at Pier 1....they spoke to me...yep...just like on the commercial! 

I took an old hymn book and shredded some Christmas songs and filled this nest.  These signify our children.
This baby peep sitting in its own nest is Betty...the empty one is hope for more just like her!
These two strong bucks are the men in our daughter's lives...Coach Been and a prayer for Grace.

One night when Miss Jena was driving home she spoke a question..."God..why am I in this family's life?"  As she turned into the drive of her home a shooting star fell to the ground as if it was right in front of her.

I like that!  She is a very precious glittery shiny star for sure!
I am the white snow covered tree with three red birds nesting in my branches

B is the big strong cedar standing over those big strong bucks!

I have had these ornaments for years....Mr. Crescent Moon has an owl sitting on his tip.

And this snow angel holds a white coyote

Me and B...swinging in our tree

B gave this ornament to me with my new GLG initials engraved in it BEFORE we were married.

Faith....and here we still are...I'm surprised he didn't engrave 822.

It has been more fun to dig out all the old stuff.  Because we were in the process of moving and rennovating we didn't decorate last year.  I didn't realize how much I missed it.

So far....4 trees, 3 snow village sections, two mantels and one gingerbread house with tasty treats made by
Betty and B

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