Wednesday, December 28, 2011


The day every little girl dreams of is the day she chooses her wedding gown. Yesterday, that day came for baby bo peep and it was a wonderful day indeed.

It began with mani/pedi, a few errands and a fun lunch inside a steamy pizzeria.  Then on to the main event.  Beforehand, she had gone to the dress store and chosen several to try on in front of us.

Her biggest fans (minus the men fans of course) were sitting in comfy chairs below a stage with a large circle of mirrors so that the dresses could be viewed from all sides.

Ooos and aaaas as she stepped onto the stage and fluffed out the trains for us all to see.  There was lots of laughter, comments, jokes and fun...until....


Suddenly, it sinks in...this is the dress we will see her in this summer as she becomes the wife of the man she has loved since she was 14.

The precious girl helping her in the fitting room is a psychology major and points out to her that all the dresses she has tried on she "likes", but this is the only dress she says she "loves". 

It is the one.

Tears fill my eyes, I can't help but imagine on the other side of the mirror all her other fans that are present.

Mattie...for whom she is named.
Beatrice...for whom she is named.
Some who only were able to touch her tiny newborn hand.
Grace, Carrie, and others who knew her before she came to this earth.

We all sit beneath her as she twirls if she is 6 playing dress up...wide brown eyes...beautiful olive skin...and a huge tomboy smile.

Yes...this is the dress...this is the one.

As tradition has it, she went to the front and paid for it with a generous gift from her Grandmother who will have her own private showing another day.

And soon, the dress will be worn...just once...but unforgettably,

as she becomes more than just our daughter, sister and friend...

she will become his bride.

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Elizabeth said...

I am bawling reading this - it exists. It truly does. And sometimes it finds its way to your door easily, and sometimes it moseys and takes it's sweet ol' time. But it exists. I believe.