Friday, December 9, 2011


Last year I was annoyed to find out that for our "fun" at family Christmas we were going to see the Nutcracker at the Bass Hall in Fort Worth.


I sat throught that performance as if I was 8 and a ballerina wannabe, but glad I was over 21 and could go to the CHAMPAGNE BAR!

It was truly breathtaking and spectacular...but I am not hard to amaze. head out to take Peep and BoPeep and two sister friends who live in the area.
I cannot wait to watch little Betty watch this!  I fear since it's a matinee she might fall asleep.

This year at TML in Fort Worth we went to a party where the David Whiteman Experience was the entertainment and all I can say is WOW!  Big Band...big sound...I didn't even care when the trombone player's spit flew out of his horn onto me...of course...I might have had a cocktail and didn't care about such things.

So...I looked him up...took me a long time to google him because I couldn't remember his actual name, but I finally did and guess what!!!  The band is performing in Arlington....SATURDAY.NIGHT.

Whoa!  Nutcracker AND The David Whiteman Experience? 

Can we say heaven????

However, I must admit that when I read the reviews of the kind of stabbed me right in the heart.

8/1/2011 I think the commonly referred nicknames used do the place more than adequate justice. They include:
Wrinkle Ranch
Menopause Mansion
Club Geritol
Jurassic Park
Alzheimer Acres
I'm sure I'll someday be a regular... Once I hit retirement age and wear Depends...


Ok...I choose Club's the least of the bad!  Because we all know those who take Geritol have tons of energy.  Hmmm... a Geritol and Champagne Cocktail.....

I might need a driver too!  Home James!

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